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Taking you from idea to ICO

with quintessential Swiss precision

A collision of worlds

traditional private banking meets new digital assets

Why Switzerland?

Important crypto projects such as Ethereum, Tezos, Dfinity, Aragon, Bancor and Shapeshift have found massive success in Switzerland

Switzerland and Zug’s Crypto Valley have become a hub for projects involving crypto currencies from all over the world

Huge talent pool attracted to the Crypto Valley by Switzerland’s world-class universities to pursue careers in Crypto. Switzerland is home to top universities such as ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne

Quality of life is among the highest in the world (Mercers’s “Quality of Living City Ranking” lists three Swiss cities in the top 10)

Friendly government and regulatory environment, pro-Blockchain

Incredible network and infrastructure for Blockchain companies


Cryptonox is a holistic independent consulting firm, assisting you in establishing in the most successful area for ICOs, Switzerland. With our key partnerships and expansive network, we have the capability to assist in all aspects of business, from legal assistance on incorporation and permits, to corporate banking solutions, we are the one stop shop for your move to Switzerland.


Within our ecosystem of service providers, we have established significant ties to the most reputable legal firms with an incredible track record in the blockchain industry to assist you in incorporating in Switzerland in a timely manner. With our experience in assisting firms just like yours, we know how to effectively and efficiently get you to the market, in a record time and with unprecedented success.

Corporate Banking

Working with firms just like yours, we understand the necessities and difficulties of getting to market, including simple features such as setting up corporate bank accounts a key hurdle for a number of firms in the Crypto space. With our exclusive relationships we have the ability to streamline the process with the industries most trusted providers who have the experience within the crypto industry to assist in your operational needs, from daily transaction support to treasury management post-ICO.


Helping you get to market is simple, capturing market is the hard part, and as always we are here to help. With our unique position in the ecosystem we have the insights gathered from multiple ICOs to give you the advantage, helping you understand the risks you may not have foreseen and monetize markets you may not have considered to ensure your success. Our success comes from our track record of successful clients; we can’t wait to count you among them.

Private Clients

Through our partners we continue the storied heritage of Swiss private banking into the modern age, helping you safe guard your crypto assets and guiding you to incredible new opportunities as they arise within our network putting you at the forefront of the Blockchain revolution and the rewards to be had with the right guidance.


Given our experience in the industry and the network of partners we have, we are poised to provide insights and opportunities for the latest potential investments and access to industry professionals through our network to ensure your portfolio is optimised to tomorrows greatest opportunities.

Asset Protection

Through our partners in the traditional world of private banking we have access to the meeting of worlds, with the traditional security and reputation of private banking now open to the safe keeping of the latest in digital assets.
Geo-Isolated, Vault protected and ensured, this is the world’s safest Cold storage solution, exclusive to our network.


With our founders experience in the traditional world of Wealth management, and our exclusive network, we have the capability to ensure your Crypto portfolio is as tax optimised and secure as the Fiat wealth we have such experience with, securing your holdings, in a tax efficient manner for you and your family.

Our process


Fill in our contact form below and we will arrange for a confidential complimentary meeting at a time that suits you


Speak to one of our consultants to discuss what you need and what we can help you with ourselves and through some of our partners


We will come back within 5 working days with our optimal strategy and solution for you, and steps that we will need to take to help you further

Our solutions are tailor made for each and every one of our clients based on a personal consultation to understand your needs and how we can help you, arrange a confidential and complimentary conversation to day to see how we can help

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